The Band was first formed in 2001.  Original members included Jason “Psycho” Clark and Steve Spates who have remained in the band throughout its existence.

Wicked Dixie is a band whose sound is influenced by the southern rock bands of the 70’s but also pulls influences from artists ranging from the Beatles to Prince.

The current lineup:

Jason Clark – lead vocals, harmonica
Steve Spates – guitar, vocals
David Flowers – guitar, vocals
Stephen Torbert – bass guitar
David Foster – drums

Alternate bass guitar players include Bob Newby and Kyle Ross.  Alternate drummers are Jim Sheppard (Poncho) and Marty Adams.  We are always grateful to these guys for supporting us because we do not like to miss gigs!

Our mission is simple.  Play music we love to play.  Play it to the very best of our ability.  Entertain our audience by showing them our love and respect for this music and most importantly . . .have fun with our time together!

Listen here.