This is a story of 5 guys from the Jacksonville, Florida area that grew up playing music together. They built their sound around organic songs, gritty guitar tones, brotherly harmony and a high energy live show like none other. Sounds familiar, right?

Like Lynyrd Skynyrd did almost 50 years ago … Lonely Highway has made a name for itself in Southern Georgia/Northern Florida, and are gearing up to make the move from Baker County, Florida onto the national scene. Tyler and Trey Orberg grew up singing in the choir at the Baptist Church. The brothers have been harmonizing since they could talk, Tyler handles all the lead vocals while his older brother Trey lays down the Bass and the spot on perfect harmonies. The intricate guitar work from Bruce Sapp and Daulton McKelvey that can only be developed after countless hours of playing together. And after a college baseball career, Jake Milton keeps the beat in the pocket like a fastball slamming into the catcher’s mitt.

The boys released their first project last year, “All Night Long”. Every song on the EP was written by Daulton and Trey. They tapped into their lives growing up in North Florida and loving be out with their friends. Songs that tell you who they are and what they are all about…. From the crowd favorite “Beach Chair” to the heartfelt story of a worn out wedding band, “Still”.


Seriously, go right now and check out Lonely Highway…

And by the way … You’re Welcome … (because you will be thanking me later)