Angela Reign

Known for her powerful vocals and for the unparalleled energy of her live performances, Angela Reign has been blessed with awards and acknowledgements across multiple genres.

Smokey Jones & The 3 Dollar Pistols

Smokey and the boys are bringing back 70’s trucker country and honkey tonk one gig at a time. After successful stints in other Atlanta bands this group of hillbillies got together to bring back real country.

The Pine Box Dwellers

The Pine Box Dwellers are an American country roots-rock band from Waycross GA. They call their brand of gritty music-“Swampadelic” and their original songs reflect how being raised in a small swamp town has shaped their love for family, life and music. 

Gannon Adams

Gannon Adams is a high energy country artist, who’s live shows have the crowds up and dancing.

The Waymores

The Waymores take what’s real about life and relationships and add music, jokes, and whiskey; it can be beautiful, it can be painful, it can get inappropriate but it’s dangerously wonderful. 

Kira Annalise and the Trainwrecks

Kira’s album, The Damsel, blends that old country sound with some modern elements and creates something that is unexpected and powerful.

Daniel Lee

We play music. We play about what we know… being from the south. Put some south in ya mouth ya’ll…
It’s not Rock.
It’s not Country.
It’s Southern.

Poison Whiskey

A heartfelt intensity keeps you rocking through the night, with dueling guitars, and rock solid rhythm and vocal sections.

Gregg Erwin Country

Inspired by legendary artists such as Merle Haggard, George Jones, Hank Williams and Waylon Jennings, Gregg soon discovered he too had been branded “Outlaw Country”. Though he covers many of the well-known hits of these honky-tonk heroes, it was the lyrical heart of Keith Whitley that inspired Gregg to launch his songwriting career.

Into the Further

        Hometown: Peachtree City, GA

Genres: Rock, Experimental Rock


NYTEBYRD is a powerhouse rhythm section from Macon Georgia, that delivers high energy Rock, Funk, Rymthm and Blues, Classic Rock, and Dance Hits.


      With a heavy emphasis on vocal harmonies, thick funk grooves and thumping electric numbers, Throwdown Jones pride themselves on twisting the average, boring, everyday songs into new, crowd-jumping show-stoppers, sure to keep the party kicking all the way to last call and beyond.

Stray Cat Side Show

America’s creepiest sideshow couple. The strange and bizarre is what we are all about. Pushing the limits of the human body, testing endurance, and loving every minute of it. Secoria is the world’s most daring female sword swallower, and the first woman in history to swallow a model T ford car axle. She is currently in the process of claiming the title of longest sword ever swallowed by Genius book of world records. Contact us for your next big event, we are willing to travel the country to keep Sideshow alive.